Integrative counselling & therapy in Glasgow

I offer skilled, collaborative counselling and therapy rooted in the principle that healing and positive change can happen in a therapeutic relationship that is safe, caring, respectful and supportive.

Maybe you're facing relationship problems, a bereavement or a difficult life change. Maybe you struggle with anxiety or depression, or feelings you don't yet have a name for. Maybe you’ve benefited from short-term or symptom-focused counselling, but want to explore what’s troubling you more fully. Regardless of whether your difficulties seem big or small, you need someone on your side.

I believe every person’s struggles make sense when someone cares enough to understand. I offer deep listening in a confidential and compassionate space, a commitment to understanding and helping you make sense of your experience and an honest, informed therapeutic approach that's responsive to your situation, your needs and your goals. That might involve practical interventions to improve your immediate quality of life, or plenty of room to explore and understand what you’re going through, or a unique, evolving balance of both.

I’ve worked long-term and short-term with people facing issues including:

anxiety || depression || concentration and focus problems || low mood || complex trauma || dissociation || bereavement || gender and sexual identity || chronic illness || relationship issues || creativity and performance anxiety || anger & stress management || life changes and transitions || migration & displacement || self-harm || eating disorders || narcissistic abuse || money stress & problem spending || domestic abuse || personality disorders || suicidal thoughts & feelings || spiritual abuse || racial and gender discrimination || childhood trauma & abuse || low self-esteem || workplace stress 

…and more.

In my experience, what we call symptoms are often stories wanting to be heard.


I work with individuals 16 and up in central Glasgow. I offer an initial session at a reduced fee of £25.

Please note that although you’re welcome to get in touch, my availability for new clients is extremely limited at the moment.



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